Paravision. What does it mean? It means combining over 14 years experience in low-level flying and 22 years experience in Broadcasting

Over the years many people have asked for pictures of their homes to be taken from the air, but the practicalities of achieving this are limited by a number of factors:

Cost is always a major factor. Hiring a plane and pilot isn’t cheap.

With this method, an area will be covered, with pictures of every house or farm being taken, then selling to as many as possible of those households. As a rule, farms are the most common subjects due to scale.

Air Law states that a powered aircraft flying under VFR (Visual flight rule) cannot operate under 500 feet, and in built up areas it is a minimum of 1500 feet above the highest point. As a result, these pictures are taken from an extreme angle, even from directly above the subject in some cases.

There are many other varieties of aircraft being/been used over the years. These range from hot air balloons, blimps and radio controlled helicopters. Besides being notoriously difficult to control, let alone taking a usable picture from them, they are very weather dependent.

Consider the fact that when a picture of a property is taken, it is normally either within the boundary wall e.g. garden or from just outside the perimeter.

So what is the solution?
Paravision will use specialist equipment to elevate a camera to a height of approximately 60 feet, ample to give a close enough picture to show detail and character, but at the same time giving an idea of scale and geography.* From a ground based shot it can be very difficult to gain an overall image of layout in ones head, the perfect picture shows you have gone the extra mile and maximised the property’s potential.

* Equipment has been tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 130 km/ph using tensioned wire system

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